Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An Update from our Friends in Haiti

We received the following update from Caleb and Debbie Lucien at Hosean International Ministries (HIM) in Pignon, Haiti. AANMA members and friends generously donated supplies to HIM, a nonprofit organization that has a large school campus and an orphanage -- HIM has taken in about 300 adults, teens and childrens since the earthquake. Caleb, director of HIM, and his wife, Debbie, are friends of AANMA and have children with asthma and respiratory issues. (Click here to see our original call to AANMA members to help.) Here is Debbie's note:

Thanks to all there at AANMA for all the hard work on our behalf here in Haiti. Just this past Thursday, a large cargo plane brought about two dozen boxes of supplies from AANMA contacts across the U.S. It was so amazing to me that people have responded so generously. These medications and clothing supplies were taken to our camp, categorized and are being distributed.

Currently, there are about 330 long-term residents at the camp. Some people come and go, but these 300 plus have settled in to at least finish the school year. About two-thirds of the residents are children and teens who have been sent by their families so they can complete school and find food. While it's been challenging taking on so many "foster kids," especially this group that has experienced its fair share of trauma, things are going reasonably well.

We've had a lot of volunteers come and give of their time and love to coordinate activities for them as well as invest in improving the camp facilities. Right now we are building better shower facilities etc. for them.

The majority of supplies we are receiving continue to go to the capital city area where the needs are extreme. Enclosed is a picture sent to me today by an American nurse volunteering in Port au Prince last week -- authorities are reporting there are over 400 "tent cities" like this now throughout the country.

It's humbling when I see how people are forced to live, and that even as rough as our camp facilities are, they are nice compared to the conditions most are living in. Please just encourage your members that the supplies they are sending are getting through and helping those in need.

We really appreciate you all!

Blessings, Debbie Lucien in Haiti

To ship items to Haiti, use this address:
Caleb Lucien/Hosean International (Relief Supplies)
3170 Airmans Drive, Unit 1076 HIM
Fort Pierce, FL 34946

To pay for shipping from the U.S. to Haiti, it’s helpful if you also send a check for $1.75/pound to the same address but in a separate envelope (the check could get lost if it’s shipped with the box).

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